Medical Care - Stay in the Clinic

Focusing on psychological support :
On a daily basis in the clinic, there is a qualified psychologist, who helps the patients and their families accept and adjust to their new reality.

When it comes to financial support, Iliahtida :
Covers all the expenses of outpatient medical tests and transfers to hospitals in Greece or abroad for specialized surgeries.
Deals with the daily practical problems and needs that the young patients and their families may face during their stay in the clinic.
Financially supports the families and covers as many of their needs as possible.

Furthermore, the Association :
Encourages volunteerism and organizes daily visits to the clinic playground, where our volunteers help the children occupy themselves with creative activities.
Contributes significantly to the improvement of the living conditions of the children in the clinic, by purchasing and maintaining equipment for their rooms, as well as toys and educational materials for the playground.
Organizes recreational events and celebrations on a regular basis (Christmas – Easter – Carnival), and birthday parties for all the children.
Supports the work of the Medical and Nursing staff of the Pediatric Hematology - Oncology Clinic of the University Hospital of Heraklion (Pa.G.N.I.).
Cooperates with similar Associations in Greece and abroad, which support other Pediatric – Hematology & Oncology Nursing Units of the country.
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